About Us
X-Shield™ High Performance Coatings

• Polyureas offering exceptional chemical and abrasion
  resistance with very extremely fast return to service,
  including amine triggered single component products.
• Abrasion and chemical resistant epoxy coatings for
  potable water, dirty and general purpose use
• Epoxy and polyurethane industrial flooring systems.
• Silane and silane siloxane penetrants to prevent
  chloride and water ingress.
• Water based high performance aliphatic acrylic
  anti-carbonation coatings.
X-Roc™ Concrete and Restoration

• High performance low shrinkage repair mortars
• Reinforcement protection
• Bonding agents
• Curing compounds

X-Pruf™ Waterproofing Systems
• Rawmat® and Rawseal® high performance
  pre-hydrated bentonite waterproofing membranes
  and waterstops.

X-Pruf™ Rebar Connectors
• A full range of products to splice reinforcing bar

X-Form™ X-Cure™ X-Tard™ X-Treat™
• Form release agents, curing compounds, surface    retarders and floor cleaners.

X-Roc™ Self Leveling
Underlayments & Toppings
• Floor leveling compounds
• Wear surface toppings
• Finishing and patching mortars
• Primers
X-Tite™ Grouts & Adhesives

• Anchor grouts, both mix & pour and cartridge systems.
• Cementitious grouts and additives for
  civil engineering applications.
• Epoxy and polyurethane injection grouts.
• Epoxy adhesives.
• Tile and stone fixing mortars.

X-Seal™ Joint Sealing Systems
• Polysulphide and polyurethane gun grade and
   pourable sealants
• Polyurea expansion and control joint sealants


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