Product Range

Coating Systems


X-Shield DeckSealer AT

Low viscosity reactive MMA crack sealer for concrete


  • Bridge Decks

  • Parking garages

  • Horizontal crack repair

  • Patio and Driveways

X-Tech HardSeal VOC

Surface sealer and curing compound for concrete surfaces


  • Curing and sealing new and old concrete

  • Interior and exterior

  • Overlays, stamped and stained concrete

  • Dust proofing of concrete

  • Sealing masonry surfaces

  • Plain and colored concrete.

  • Precast concrete

X-Tech SealCoat A

High performance solvent dispersed clear sealer


  • Floors, walkways, stairways

  • Driveways

  • Pool decks

  • Entrances, porches

  • Brick pavers

  • Interior exterior

  • Concrete or masonry

X-Shield GlazeSeal

Clear water dispersed sealer and glaze coat for concrete and renders


  • Prevention of external water absorption into concrete and renders

  • Enhances the color of decorative renders

  • Prevents staining

X-Tech SealCoat HT

High performance sealer


  • Sealer for X-Tech UraFloor and EpoxyFloor systems

  • Wall and floor sealer for industrial facilities

  • Protection against aggressive chemical environments at elevated temperatures.

X-Tech HardSeal A

Water dispersed surface sealer and dust proofer for concrete surfaces

Uses: Easy to apply concrete surface sealer producing a hard-wearing dust proof satin surface.

X-Tech PaveSil

Penetrating water dispersed silane siloxane sealer for concrete brick and stone pavers

Uses: Long term protective water repellent for paving.

X-Shield StainBlock Sealer

Stain resistant water dispersed fluorochemical penetrating sealer

Uses: Floors, walkways, Brick pavers, Parking decks, Tiles and tile grouts, Precast concrete, Driveways, Pool decks, Balconies & Tilt up walls.

X-Shield StoneSeal

Penetrating water-based silane sealer for masonry and stone

Uses: Improves water repellency and reduces salt ingress into masonry and stone.