Coating Systems


X-Shield ProFlex One.

Elastomeric aromatic hybrid polyurea base coat


  • Roof restoration

  • Recoating PVC, hypalon and EPDM sheets

  • Concrete decks and slabs

  • Secondary containment

  • Walls

  • Base coat for any X-Shield aliphatic polyurea coating

  • Pipes and gutters

X-Shield ProThane.

Single component aluminized polyurethane coating for roof and walls

Uses: Top coat to any polyurethane or polyurea coating in the
following situations:

  • Roof restoration

  • Waterproofing

  • Radiant barrier

  • HVAC equipment

  • Pipes and railings

  • Walls

  • Can also be used to remediate old roof waterproofing

  • systems.

X-Shield AcrylCoat

Single component elastic acrylic waterproof coating

Uses: Wet area waterproofing, metal and fiber cement, roof restoration, roof waterproofing and exterior coating.

X-Shield Base Emulsion

High solids water based acrylic emulsion base coat

Uses: To provide film build prior to top coating and for use in embedding reinforcement fabric over weak areas.

X-Shield ProCoat

Single component hybrid polyurea solar reflective waterproof coating


  • Roof waterproofing

  • Roof restoration

  • Recoating of PVC and EPDM sheets

  • Concrete decks and slabs

  • Recoating of aged bitumen roof membranes

X-Shield ThermoStop

Water based acrylic coating system incorporating heat reflective ceramic spheres

Uses: Protection of roof substrates from solar heat. Developed to extend the life of a wide range of roofing substrates.