Safety Data Sheet

Coating Systems


X-Shield FS200

High abrasion resistant pure polyurea coating

Uses: Waterproof membrane resistant to vehicular traffic, protection against abrasion – above and below ground and underwater, primary and secondary containment, ramps, parking decks, industrial flooring, food processing areas, helicopter landing pads and pipelines and culverts

X-Shield FS450

Fast cure highly elastic polyurea membrane and coating

Uses: Primary and secondary containment of waste water, hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals. As a general-purpose high elongation waterproofing membrane or coating.

X-Shield RG40 and RG40HB

High build roller grade UV resistant polyurea coating

Uses: Color stable fast setting abrasion resistant coating. It can be roller or spray applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Used as a skid resistant coating with the addition of a broadcast aggregate. Also, as a topcoat for any X-Shield polyurea or epoxy products. High build grade available. Slower setting single component version available.