Technical Data Sheet

Grouts and Adhesives


X­-Tite Admix UW

Anti­washout grout admixture for underwater use

Uses: Powder additive for cement grout and concrete to minimize washout when placed underwater.

X-Tite BridgeBearing Grout

High strength shrinkage compensated grout

Uses: Precision grouting of bridge bearings, base plates, anchor bolts, crane rails, columns and pre-cast elements

X-Tite CableGrout

High performance fluid grout for post tensioned cables

Uses: Post tensioned cables and rods, Anchors.

X-Tite Construction Grout

General purpose non­-shrink grout

Uses: General purpose grouting of elements where dual shrinkage compensation is not required.

X-Tite EpoxyGrout HT

Extreme temperature, high strength grout for heavy dynamic and static loads

Uses: A free flowing epoxy grout where the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the hardened grout must be of the highest order. Applications include heavy duty supports beneath crane and transporter rails, high speed turbines and centrifuges, drop forges, reciprocating machinery and other operating or test equipment subject to heavy dynamic or repetitive loads. Suitable for high temperature works up to 160C.

X-Tite EpoxyGrout 150

Multi­purpose epoxy grout

Uses: Multi­purpose flowable epoxy grout that can be used to grout gaps from 1/2” (12mm) to 6” (150mm). Can also be used for anchor and bolt grouting, concrete repair, bedding of bridge bearings and pile cap re­-profiling.

X­-Tite Grout Expansion Agent

Shrinkage compensating plasticising additive for cementitious grout

Uses: A powder additive added to site grout and concrete mixes to provide non­-shrink properties, increased compressive strength, better flow and improved durability.

X-Tite Performance Grout

High performance shrinkage compensated grout

Uses: Precision grouting of anchor bolts, base plates, crane rails, bridge bearings, columns and pre­cast elements.

X-Tite ThickBed Grout

Thick section shrinkage compensated grout

Uses: Anchor bolts, crane rails, bridge bearings & pre-cast elements

X-Tite UnderWater Grout

General purpose non-shrink grout for underwater use

Uses: Underwater grouting and concrete repair.