About us

Welcome to X-Calibur Construction Chemistry
X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Inc. is focused in the supply of high quality specialist construction products. Our product range incorporates some of the latest technology worldwide reflecting our experience in working on projects internationally. More than 60% of our staffs are qualified engineers, chemists or technologists.
We specialize in making concrete perform better in two main areas :
  • Protection and waterproofing of concrete to prevent deterioration.
  • Restoration of damaged concrete to restore its performance.
We have technology partnership agreements with leading US, European, Middle and Far East companies that allow us to offer the latest products and technical support. All our products are developed with the end use in mind. This international capability provides you with the best solution over a compromise solution everytime.
Product Development
We have the resources and expertise to develop products to suit particular customer requirements. You explain the problem or needs required, and we will provide an effective solution. If we cannot we will tell you so.
Technical Services
We specialize in providing the highest level of technical service. This is fundamental to the way we do business. We know we are working in an engineering environment with customers who have a high level of knowledge and expect sound professional advice.
Registered Applicators
Some products can only be installed by professional applicators. We will clearly identify these products and have Registered Applicators who have sufficient resources to ensure correct application of the product.
Product Training
We offer training in the use of all our products. Your investment in this service offers pay back almost instantly as efficiency is increased and wastage reduced.
Business Values

We will deliver quality construction products consistently to our customers at minimum cost. We will deliver what we promise.

Our selected customers will be treated as partners. We will only service reputable customers who respect the way we do business.

Our suppliers play an integral role in our business and will have long-term mutually profitable relationships with us. Suppliers will be expected to offer competitive solutions and prices; in return, we will always honor our commitments to them and be loyal customers.

Our staff is partners in the business; their views and hard work are valued. They will share in our rewards.

Our relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers will be based on trust, respect and honesty.

All staff in the organization are expected to develop the ability to make good quality decisions. Decisions will be based on logic and take the long-term into account. We will not make poorly thought out decisions either will we tolerate decisions made for individual personal gain.

We insist on thinking outside the box. We are open to different opinions and believe in honest and inclusive dialogue that brings reality out into the open. There is no such thing as a bad idea. We encourage calculated risk-taking and accept mistakes will happen. What is important is that we know about mistakes as soon as they occur and learn from them.

We will create a Customer Service Model from initial contact through to delivery and follow up that is exceptional and consistent. Through training and orientation, we will establish this model as an integral part of the business.

Work will be challenging and fun. We will do everything possible to minimize negative stress. Politics and discrimination of any kind are not welcome in the workplace.

We support and encourage lifelong learning; this underpins our goal of developing staff to take on bigger and more rewarding roles.

We will manage costs to ensure we remain a profitable and competitive organization, able to weather out economic downturns without having to resort to layoffs. This does not mean penny-pinching; it simply is not wasting money.

Cash is as important as profit and is essential if we are to grow faster than the market and offer the level of service and quality our customers require.