Frequently Asked Questions
What is X-Calibur?

X-Calibur Construction Systems Inc. is focused in the supply of high quality specialist construction products. Our product range incorporates some of the latest technology worldwide reflecting our experience in working on projects internationally. More than 60% of our staff are qualified engineers, chemists or technologists

What is Construction?

Construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure. For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential. Those involved with the design and execution of the infrastructure in question must consider the environmental impact of the job, the successful scheduling, budgeting, site safety, availability of materials, logistics, inconvenience to the public caused by construction delays, preparing tender documents, etc.

What does Construction Chemistry mean?

Construction chemistry or construction chemicals is a broad generic term that is applied to engineered chemical formulations that are used to solve problems and add value to construction and restoration. It broadly covers admixtures and surface treatments to improve the quality of concrete, joint sealants and waterproofing, specialist grouts, resin anchors, construction adhesives, grinding aids for cement and industrial flooring systems.

Can X-Shield RG40 SF be applied to wooden, exterior doors? The data sheet does not indicate wood, but seems to reference only metal and concrete.

X-Shield RG40SF can be applied to wooden exterior doors. It is quite viscous so if their are any reliefs or patterns you may lose some definition The door should be sanded down and primed with X-Shield ProPrime S.

Do you have an agent or set up in India.

Our operation in the UAE (Dubai & Sharjah) looks after India. We are no present yet but are working on being established in India within the next 18 months i.e. by June 2011.

What is the color range available for X-Tech EpoxyFloor SL?

We use the RAL Color System. Standard colors for all our epoxy flooring products are shown in our Epoxy Flooring brochure (please e-mail info@x-calibur.us to receive a copy). Any RAL color can be supplied to special order.

Please suggest the best method to prepare a new concrete floor surface to receive an epoxy floor coating.

We recommend whenever possible that captive grit blasting is used along with a primer. We do not recommend surface grinding as we have seen many failures particularly in car parks when this method was used. The use of a primer helps to ensure maximum bond although many suppliers suggest that a primer is not required we consider it a false economy. When captive blasting is not feasible then we would suggest mechanical wire brushing, needle scabbling, abrasive disk (i.e. leave a rough finish)

To embed a rebar (grade 500 metric) of 25mm diameter, around a circular column from the load design it is mentioned they should have embeded depth of 225mm to get a tensile load of 72.8 kN (allowable load),but around the column some places they have an embedment depth of 140mm. What is the allowable load capacity in this situation.

For T25 bar (grade 500B) in 32mm dia hole x 140mm deep (30MPa concrete) can be calculated as follows: 1) characteristic steel strength = 245kN 2) characteristic bond failure load = 152kN 3) characteristic concrete resistance in (30MPa concrete) = 91.4kN The lowest of these three i.e. 91.4kN is the characteristic resistance of the anchorage. The design resistance is obtained by applying the material partial safety factor of 1.8 to this characteristsic resistance. Therefore the design resistance of the T25 x 140mm anchorage in 30MPa concrete is 50.8kN.

Does X-Pruf CrystalMix have any impact on concrete's durability and/or compressive strength?

X-Pruf CrystalMix will have a positive effect on durability and compressive strengths due to pores in the concrete being filled. This will result in lower permeability and absorption and therefore increased durability. Compressive strength increases of up 15% has been reported.

Can X-Calibur supply X-Seal PS800 (gun grade and/or pouring grade)in blue colour for special pool applications?

Polysulfide sealants are not recommended for use in swimming pool applications as they cannot resist the high level of chlorine that is used to super chlorinate. We suggest for swimming pools that X-Seal PoolSeal HPS is used and it is available in blue. If fast cure is important then we would recommend X-Seal PU600 which can be made in blue to special order. A primer will be required on porous surfaces and we would recommend X-Seal EP Primer.

I refer to your X-Shield EpoxySeal SP. Our Contractor has used it on site as a temporary protection for the reinforcement bar. I would like to find out if X-Shield EpoxySeal SP can be left on the bar and cast in as part of the structural element or it has to be removed before concreting.

Thanks for your question. Assuming that the reinforcing bar is a deformed bar i.e. one with ribs (a normal high tensile bar). Then it will not be necessary to remove the EpoxySeal SP. It will behave like an epoxy coated rebar with regard to bond.

I have to use a cement: sand grout of 1:1 mix. Water cement ratio is about 0.45 Please state what test to conduct so as to ensure that the flow is proper?

The test required is ASTM-C939-02 please check following link for appropriate equipment needed to carry out the test. http://www.humboldtmfg.com/c-4-p-308-id-4.html Please note that neat grout with only sand will require good particle gradation to ensure good flow, but even then neat grouts would shrink therefore use of expanding grout admixture like X-tite grout Expansion agent is strongly recommended. Actual water cement ratio will have to be adjusted by conducting trials to ensure bleed free consistency. For further finer details we would need your sand gradation.

Please recommend a joint filler material (needs to be dielectric insulation) between precast concrete paver and granite for exterior application.

X-Seal JointBoard P60 will be suitable. The are polyethylene based products so will act as an insulator.

sir, which resin will use on the back of mirror (back mirror paint)and how it will use.is epoxy resin?please reply soon.thanks muhammad shamim

Mr.Shamim in your query it is not clear if you manufacture the mirrors or have ready made mirrors with you. Commercially supplied mirrors have metallic layer behind the glass( Aluminium or Silver)and the mirror manufacturer would protect it with a coating and supply. In case you have to make a protection please use X-Shield EpoxySeal CR a solvent free epoxy coating for metals and concrete.

Please recommend a suitable admixture for producing prestressed concrete poles.

X-Mix HPN will be suitable for you application. It has very high water reduction and provides very high early strength

Would X-Tite Performance Grout be suitable to grout 18mm toughened glass into a aluminium channel? would temperatures of over 50C alter the performance ?

Thanks for the question. I am sorry for the delay but it seems we have had a server issue. For use with glass we recommend X-Tite Performance Grout LA. The aluminium channel should be anodized otherwise there will be a reaction with the cement. In not anodized then you need to go with X-Tite InjectionGrout EP an epoxy or ResiLoc CX (if gap is large). All these products can be used at over 50C. Max for the epoxies is 60C for Performance Grout around 250C

Require a 2-part polyester adhesive/sealant for bonding pavement reflectors.

Our X-Tite ResiLoc C will be perfect for this application. It is cartridge dispensed so wastage is minimal. We can also supply in bulk for large scale applications.

What is the surface applied, liquid water-proofer for stucco?

X-Shield StoneSeal or PaveSeal

How long after the concrete is poured can you apply X-Shield FS450. This is for waterproofing a fountain.

Typically you should wait 28 days when the standard primer X-Shield SF Primer is used. If you want to apply the product soon after casting the concrete say 3 days then we would recommend the use of X-Shield MT Primer. We usually recommend two coats of primer to avoid bubbling due to air release from the substrate. Please note that early age shrinkage of the concrete has to be considered and the thickness of the coating increased accordingly. Please note that X-Shield FS450 was used waterproof the fountains on the worlds`s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

I need to seal and prime a plywood subfloor prior to placing a peel & stick underlayment membrane prior to tiling. Can X Roc Bondcure be used for this application?

Yes X-Roc BondCure is suitable. It should be used undiluted and allowed to dry until it becomes slightly tacky or just touch dry

Could you recommend a sealant for sleeve sealing between pipe and sleeve pipe in refinery plant? Some pipes are insulated and some pipes are not insulated.

Our X-Seal 3C AF should be suitable for this application.

Do you have water based joint sealant which can be used in damp conditions?

We have a primer X-Shield MT Primer which can be applied to the damp concrete and then our X-Seal PS800 can be used

Do you have any fast setting high build polyurethane coating whose DFT can go in the range of 750microns to 1500 microns

Our X-Shield ProFlex One or X-Shield ProCoat should be suitable

Do you have a cementitious grout that can be used to set floor tile?

We have tile setting adhesives eg X-Tile CTA and X-Tile STA that can be using with floor tiles. For heavy duty application we have X-Tite TBA a thick bed adhesive. We also have cementitious grouts X-Tile Grout TJ for standard size joint and X-Tile Grout WJ for wider joints.

Which is your best factory concrete floor covering product for high vehicular traffic.

Our product X-Tech EpoxyFloor TF is used for for heavy duty factory floor appliactions.