Tile and Screed
X-Joint Corner Bead

X-Joint Corner Bead is a stainless steel separation strip used to separate and provide an attractive transition area of different wall finishes such as carpet to stone, stone to wood, stone to tile etc.

Grade 304/316 stainless steel, smooth finish on the visible part.

X-Joint CJ2 Series

Ile movement joints (PVC/EPDM)

X-Joint CJ4

Anodized aluminum polyurethane sealant construction joint


  • Anodized aluminium 6063/T6. Stainless steel and brass available upon request.
  • One component polyurethane sealant in beige, grey black or white.
  • Foam PVC or EPDM

X-Joint CJ-SS “U” Channel

Fabricated stainless steel “U” channel

Stainless Steel in grade 304 & 316 Strip thickness varies from 1mm to 3mm. For more thickness, we will extrude for a minimum order quantity of 250m.

X-Joint BR Seperation Strip

Brass separation strips

Brass strips with mirror finish / normal finish top surfaces


Extruded anodized aluminium/stainless steel joint separators for screed and floor finishes


  • Anodized aluminium 6063/T6
  • Stainless steel 304 or 316 grade
  • Thickness varies from 1mm to 10mm