Coating Systems


X-Shield CoreMat 2

Lamination fabric for epoxy coating systems

X-Shield CrackGuard Membrane

High performance crack isolation membrane

Uses: Interior and exterior applications, Concrete, mortar beds, masonry, Lightweight concrete and/or air entrained concrete, Primed gypsum underlayment (minimum 2000 PSI cured), Post-tension concrete, Exterior Grade Plywood, Primed OSB, Exterior decks, Resilient flooring, Radiant heating systems

X-Shield Woven Fabric

Surface reinforcing fabric for epoxy coating systems

X-Shield InsuCap

Single component water dispersed encapsulation coating


  • Protection of insulation from environmental effects
  • Protection against under insulation corrosion
  • Encapsulation of asbestos

X-Shield CrackMat

High performance crack treatment for use beneath coating systems

Uses: Prevention of reflective cracking in coating systems applied over cracks.

X-Shield Reinforcing Fabric

Reinforcing fabric

Uses: Corner and joint reinforcement. Used primarily with X-Shield FlexCoat, X-Shield FlexPruf and X-Pruf Liquid Applied Membranes.

X-Shield Surface Tissue 30

Surface reinforcing fabric for epoxy coating systems

Uses: Light duty fabric used as a finishing layer in multi-layer laminated epoxy systems or on its own for light duty applications.

X-Shield Lamination Fabric

Glass fiber lamination fabric for epoxy coatings.

Uses: Reinforcing of X-Shield epoxy coatings to improve tensile and flexural strength.