Concrete Repair


X-Roc Latex

X-Roc Latex is a styrene butadiene rubber latex used to improve the mechanical and waterproofing properties of sand cement based renders, screeds and mortars.

Uses: Water resistant renders and screeds, Bonding new concrete to old, Chemical and abrasion resistant screeds.

X-Roc EpoxyBond

Combination epoxy primer and reinforcing steel protection

Uses: Bonding agent for immersed conditions. Protects rebar from corrosion. Anti-chloride barrier to prevent ingress of chloride to the repair.

Margel VPI 580

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor

Uses: The tape used to wrap the pipe is proven in the petrochemical and cryogenic industries as a vapor barrier closure system. With the MargelTM migrating corrosion inhibitor the combined product is extremely effective in combating Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).

X-Roc BondCure

Combination acrylic primer and curing compound

Uses: Bonding agent for use in high temperatures and windy conditions.

X-Roc CemEpoxy

Solvent-free epoxy-modified cementitious coating and bonding agent

Uses: As an anti-corrosion coating for reinforcing steel in concrete restoration. As added protection to reinforcing steel in areas of thin concrete cover. As a bonding agent for repairs to concrete and steel.

X­-Roc GalZinc

Epoxy zinc providing galvanic protection to reinforcing steel

Uses: Extends the life of patch repairs in concrete in the repair zone and adjacent areas. Protects rebar after grit­ blasting.

X-Roc Latex or MultiBond LX

Multi­purpose primer and mortar additive

Uses: Multi-purpose bonding agent and performance enhancer for screeds and mortars.

X-Roc MultiBond PVA

Multi-purpose PVA bonding agent, adhesive and admixture

Uses: Bonding agent for cement-based mortars, screeds, render and concrete. Bonding agent for gypsum-based plasters. General purpose wood adhesive. Sealing and priming of plaster and gypsum board prior to internal paint.