Concrete Repair



Low viscosity fast setting polyurea for repairing and sealing cracks

Uses: Rebuilding joint faces, Rapid floor repair, Cracks and spalls, Bridge decks, Parking garages, Roadways

X-Roc EpoxyPatch UW

Epoxy repair mortar for use in underwater and wet conditions


  • Repair and sealing of damaged joints
  • Repair of honeycombed or spalled concrete
  • Protection of submerged steel
  • Reinstatement and raising of manhole covers
  • Fixing tiles and slipped bricks

X-Roc EpoxySeal UW

Water displacing underwater grade multifunction epoxy resin


  • Binder for underwater repair mortar
  • Protective coating
  • Bonding of swimming pool tiles
  • Underwater crack sealing

X-Roc Heal & Seal

Ultra low viscosity epoxy penetrating sealer for strengthening concrete slabs and screeds

Uses: Floor repairs, Cracks and spalls, Bridge decks, Parking garages, Roadways, Strengthening of weak screeds

X-Roc ResiCrete EP10

Abrasion and chemical resistant epoxy repair and leveling mortar

Uses: X-Roc ResiCrete EP10 is used in industrial and commercial situations to provide repairs able to withstand mechanical abrasion and the spillage of aggressive chemicals in situations such as:

  • Food and beverage plants
  • Heavy engineering plants
  • Chemical handling and processing areas
  • Oil refineries

X-Roc ResiCrete HB

High build, low density epoxy mortar

Uses: Lightweight concrete repairs

X-Roc ResiCrete One

Single mix, non sag epoxy mortar

X-Roc ResiCrete TS

Flexible transition strip

Uses: Bridge decks transition strips

X-Roc ResiCrete PE Concrete

High strength ultra fast cure repair concrete


  • Fast repair of concrete
  • Void filling
  • Bedding of precast units

X-Roc ResiCrete S (UV)

High strength UV stable epoxy mortar

X-Roc ResiCrete Flex

High strength urethane modified resin concrete for slab and pavement repairs


  • Airfield pavement repairs
  • Road repair
  • Slab repairs

X-Roc PileCap E

Epoxy based pile cap restoration and waterproofing encapsulation grout


  • Pilecap reprofiling
  • General void filling

X-Roc ResiCrete LWE

High build low slump epoxy mortar

Uses: Structural concrete repairs, overhead and vertical applications. Columns and beams. Applications requiring high early strength, high build and abrasion resistance.

X-Roc ResiCrete PE

High strength ultra-fast cure multi-purpose repair mortar and adhesive

Uses: Fast setting repairs and bedding of precast units, pavers, curb stones.

X-Roc ResiCrete S

High strength epoxy mortar

Uses: Structural concrete repairs, grouting and lining mortar. Applications requiring high early strength, abrasion and chemical resistance.