Concrete Repair


X-Roc CA

Corrosion resistant repair and lining mortar


  • Sewer manholes
  • Sewer lift stations
  • Sewage treatment tanks
  • Large diameter trunk lines

X-Roc UtilityPatch

Rapid setting shrinkage compensated calcium aluminate patching mortar


  • Reconstructing inverts
  • Filling voids in manhole walls
  • Lift station repairs
  • Sewage treatment tanks
  • Large diameter trunk lines

X-Roc WaterPlug II

Ultra fast setting cementitious water stopping mortar

Uses: To stop running water in: Leaking joints, Manholes, Concrete pipes, Sewers, Form tie holes, Cracks, Honeycombed concrete, Water tanks

X-Roc UtilityPatch LW

Low shrinkage high build concrete repair mortar


  • Patch repairs to concrete and masonry structures
  • Restoration of cover
  • Repair of honeycombed concrete

X-Roc ResiCrete MH

High strength chemical resistant epoxy lining mortar

X­-Roc WaterPlug II

Very fast setting hydraulic cement mortar

Uses: Designed for sealing and plugging water leaks in water and waste water structures.

X-Roc WetSpray B50

Single component fiber and micro silica modified mortar for below grade applications

Uses: Repair of Manholes and wet wells, pipelines & wastewater structures