Safety Data Sheet

Coating Systems


X-Shield BugFill

Epoxy based fairing coat and bug hole filler

Uses: Filling of bug holes and voids in concrete. Vertical and horizontal applications. Can be used as a binder for sag resistant epoxy mortar.

X­-Shield EpoxySeal CR

Chemical resistant high build epoxy coating

Uses: Internal coating of concrete structures exposed to mild chemical attack.

X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN

High chemical resistant epoxy novalac coating

Uses: Coating of concrete and steel subject to highly aggressive chemicals.

X-Shield SealCoat PW

Potable water grade water dispersed epoxy seal coat and primer

Uses: As a seal coat for concrete tanks and concrete and cement lined pipes. Also used as primer for porous concrete substrates prior to application of X-Shield EpoxySeal PW.

X­-Shield TarEpoxy 100

High performance coal tar epoxy coating for concrete and steel

Uses: Fast cure, solvent free version of X­-Shield TarEpoxy 72.

X-Tech EpoxyAqua 100

High performance wall and floor coating for concrete

Uses: Food preparation areas, Kitchens, Pharmaceutical plants, Water tanks and pipes, Food and beverage facilities, Showrooms, Stairwells, Protection of concrete structures, Car parks

X-Shield EpoxyLock HS

High solids low VOC anti-corrosion epoxy coating for steel

Uses: Long term internal & external protection of steel, maintenance coating for all corrosion problems, protection from chemical splashes and air borne chemicals, protection of marine structures where salts exacerbate corrosion and external protection of pipes including bi-metallic corrosion caused by welding.