Technical Data Sheet

Grouts and Adhesives


X-Tite AnchorGrout GP

Polyester resin anchor grout cartridge system

Uses: Starter bars, Anchor bolts, Ground anchors, Bedding mortar

X-Tite ResiLoc CX

General purpose resin anchor


  • Starter bars
  • Anchor bolts
  • Ground anchors
  • Bedding mortar

X-Tite ResiLoc EX3(e)

High performance ETA approved cartridge epoxy resin anchor

Uses: Starter bars, Anchor bolts, Anchor sockets, Threaded studs

X-Tite RocLoc Grout

Two component flexible rock fill grout

X-Tite AnchorStud HT

High tensile strength anchor studs

X-Tite ResiLoc EX22

High performance cartridge epoxy resin anchor

Uses: Starter bars, anchor bolts, anchor sockets & threaded studs

X-Tite ResiLoc H

General purpose pumpable resin anchor grout

Uses: Anchoring of bolts, dowels and starter bars in concrete, rock and solid masonry (horizontal).

X-Tite ResiLoc P

General purpose pourable resin anchor grout for construction use

Uses: Typical applications are the permanent fixing of starter bars and dowels, foundation bolts, ground anchors, base plates for building systems, and rail and crane tracks.