Technical Data Sheet

Grouts and Adhesives


X-Tile BondSeal

Combination bonding aid and sealer for natural stone

Uses: Used as bonding aid and a sealer to prevent the ingress of moisture and salts into natural stone. Single component and easy to use.


Latex modified tile adhesive

Uses: Internal tiling in Commercial buildings, Residential buildings and Institutional buildings

X-Tile CTA

X-Tile CTA is a polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive that can be used with the simple addition of water.

Uses: Internal tiling in Commercial buildings, Residential buildings.

X-Tile ETA4

Two component epoxy tile and stone adhesive

Uses: In tiling situations were high adhesion and chemicalstrength is required. It is suitable for use with all types of stone and tiles including glass mosaic tiles. It is also used for bonding VCT and vinyl sheet. A conductive version is available for use with conductive floor finishes.

X-Tile Fix

General purpose economical tile adhesive

Uses: Internal tiling in commercial buildings and residential buildings

X-Shield FlexCoat TBC

Polymer modified flexible cement bond coat for tiles

Uses: Resurfacing of tile facades prior to the application of decorative coatings.

X-Tile FTA

Thin bed flexible adhesive for natural stone and low porosity tiles

Uses: Internal and external fixing of: Natural stone, Glass mosaic, Glass brick, Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles.

X-Tile Grout EJ

Water dispersed epoxy tile grout

Uses: Grouting of tiles and stone in situations subject to dynamic loads and chemical attack. Also used in areas subject to high wear.

X­-Tile Grout TJ

General purpose tile grout

Uses: Grouting of tiles and stone.

X­-Tile Grout WJ

Polymer modified wide joint tile grout

Uses: Crack resistant grouting of tile joints that are wider than 1/4” (6mm).

X-Tile STA

Thin bed adhesive for low porosity natural stone and tiles

Uses: For use with low porosity tiles e.g. glass mosaic or porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles. Non-staining.

X-Tile TBA

Thick bed tile adhesive

Uses: For use with tiles and natural stone in applications that require a dry mix thick bed adhesive.