Waterproofing Systems


X-Pruf BitMastic

Polymer modified asphalt sealing compound

Uses: Sealing of gaps on roofs. Termination chase seal for waterproofing membranes. Sealing of pipe penetrations for waterproofing membranes. Sealing cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements. Construction joint sealant for concrete pavements and canals.

X-Pruf CrystalCoat

Cementitious crystalline waterproofing coating that penetrates new and old concrete to resist hydrostatic pressure

Uses: Exterior (positive side) or interior (negative side) waterproofing. Below or above grade basements, foundations, retaining walls and water tanks.

X-Pruf ElastoCem

High technology polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane system for concrete and masonry surfaces

Uses: X-Pruf ElastoCem when fully cured, provides a seamless elastic waterproof membrane for use in roof areas, wet areas, pre-cast joints where a tough elastomeric water tight membrane is required.

X-Pruf PU2

Two-part polyurethane elastomeric liquid applied membrane

Uses: High performance fast cure liquid applied sheet membrane for use in difficult to waterproof applications such as wet area in public facilities and water features.

X-Pruf RBE

Asphalt/latex emulsion used for general purpose damp proofing and curing

Uses: Damp proofing membrane and curing compound for below grade application. Can be used to bond insulation boards and joint fillers. Also available with a higher latex content (X-Pruf HLE).

X-Pruf PU1 PLus

Single component hybrid PU-A liquid applied waterproofing membrane

Uses: Waterproofing of wet area, planters, plaza decks, slab foundations and penetrations

X-Pruf RB Membrane

Liquid applied high build high performance polymer modified asphalt

Uses: For use in situations where higher build and higher elongation are required over normal rubberized bitumen emulsions such as wet areas, inverted roofs and ground slabs.

X-Pruf SBE

Asphalt emulsion used for general purpose damp proofing and protection.

Uses: General purpose protective coating for below grade damp proofing and curing compound.

X-Pruf TP80

One-part tar extended urethane elastomeric liquid applied membrane

Uses: High performance liquid applied sheet membrane for use in difficult to water proof areas such as roofs or walls with lots of up stands or protrusions. Excellent for pile caps.

X-Pruf 3416

Liquid applied solvented asphalt coating

Uses: A liquid applied asphalt membrane complying with the requirements of British Standard 3416 used to protect concrete structures against the ingress of salts and other aggressive soil conditions. Can also be used on most metals.

X-Pruf 836HE

Single component high elongation modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Uses: A liquid applied sheet membrane for use when ASTM C836 performance criteria is specified. Can be applied in a single coat.