Waterproofing Systems


X-Pruf KeyLok

Pre-applied mechanically bonded waterproofing membrane liner

Uses: Chemical resistant and gas resistant HDPE or PVC integral waterproofing membrane and lining system for use where an extremely high level of waterproofing and protection is required.

X-Pruf PolyLiner PVC

High performance waterproofing membrane & liner

Uses: X-Pruf PolyLiner PVC has been developed to provide a tough chemical resistant water and gas proof membrane liner for the following applications: water features, artificial lakes, canals, settling lagoons, tunnels, basements, landfill sites, brownfield sites and roofs (UVR grade).

X-Pruf SoundStop Mat

Acoustic isolation membrane

Uses: Used as an underlay beneath thin bed tile adhesive to suppress impact noise and reduce sound transmission. Also acts as an isolation layer between the concrete slab and floor finish that prevents stress related cracks.

X-Pruf SuperTack Tape

High strength, high tack polyester reinforced seam and flashing tape

Uses: Metal seam joints, metal flashing, roof repair, balcony repair, plywood joints and seams, waterproofing, gutters & concrete cracks

X-Pruf XPS40

Extruded polystyrene rigid foam insulation board

Uses: Thermal insulation board for roofs, floors & walls